How to Give your Garden a Makeover

We have all seen garden makeover shows. An army of workers descend on a garden with tools in tow, and sometimes even large machinery like bobcats. Such dedicated attention to a garden might be effective, but it’s beyond the budget of the average citizen. A few practical, more modestly priced solutions are on hand, to help Joe Average turn his garden around. Just like with furniture removal, choose a supplier that works for you.

Gardens help complement the attractiveness of a house. An unruly and unkempt garden makes a whole property look unappealing, even if the house is in good order. It is therefore worth accentuating the attractiveness of a nice house by taking steps to a tidy garden, with perhaps a few little features that add charm and quaintness.

The presence of grass gives a plot of land a natural look. Keeping lawns cut is the first step to a tidy garden.
One should then get rid of long grass at the edges of gardens. Whipper snippers do a good tidy up job, and edging tools keep the sides of paths neat. For harder to access areas, like in cracks, pull out weeds and grass, and treat these areas so that nothing grows back.

On many television garden makeovers, yards are left with barely any grass. While large paved areas, and rockeries may look nice, they leave very little room for the kids to run around in, not to mention have a game of backyard cricket. There is far too much concrete in built up cities as it is, and any encroachment of pavers and the like should be to complement the existing greenery and not overtake it. It’s worthwhile keeping a decent lawn, with other niceties added at the edges of a yard.

Professional landscaping jobs can run into the many thousands of dollars, but a lumpy yard can be straightened out with just a shovel and a bit of hard work. Unless you are planning on turning your garden into a lawn bowls green, it’s probably unnecessary to make the ground completely flat. If you’d like to make the ground a little flatter, after the shovel work has been completed, add a little soil into any small dips in the garden. You should end up with a pretty flat lawn.

Flower Beds
Flower beds need to be maintained, so commit yourself to this before starting one (constant watering, weeding and nurturing). Using native flora is a good idea in keeping a harmonious environment, and attracting native fauna. One can build a flower bed with live plants, but if one is patient, using seeds will be a cheaper alternative.

Charm Factor
Adding a bird bath or a water feature gives a garden a feeling of tranquility, with avian visitors providing extra appeal. Bird feeding platforms are another option. Make sure they are placed above lawns, so that bird droppings don’t end up on cars, fences or the exterior of the house. A nice bench in the garden can also evoke feelings of serenity, and is a pleasant practical place to quietly read a book.

Sprucing up a garden starts with a tidy well kept lawn free of weeds and long grass. From this point, there are many options to increase a garden’s appeal. It may take a bit of work, and a green thumb, but the rewards are worthwhile. If it’s all too hard and you decide to move on to a new home with a lovely, well kept garden, contact interstate removalists to help you with your transition.

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