Tips On How To Cut And Propagate Mums

Tips for Planting Glads

Dig planting hole in your annual border for a group of gladiolus corms… make hole 4 inches deep in heavy, clay soils. and 6 inches deep in light, sandy soils.

Place gladiolus corms in hole after first making a “cushion” of granulated soil at the bottom. Space the corms from 4 to 6 inches apart.

Fill in soil over corms. If soil is hard to work, treat it first with a conditioner. For longer blooming, make plantings every two weeks until midsummer.

Building Mum Stock

Chrysanthemums are now pushing up quickly, offering good opportunity for increasing your stock. Cuttings rooted this month and early June will grow into sturdy low plants that require no support whatever. These plants are excellent for bedding, for window boxes and for any other purpose where a low, bushy plant is needed. Chrysanthemums are very easy to transplant; they become established very soon after the shift.

Taking cuttings is a simple process. With a very sharp knife, cut off the top 3 or 4 inches of the plant. Place the cutting in a pail of water or cover it with moist newspaper.

Fill a 3-inch deep flat with pure sand, firm the sand and then soak the flat in a deep pan of water. The sand, when thoroughly wet, should be level with the edges of the flat. Remove the lower two or three leaves of the chrysanthemum cuttings and insert them in rows across the flat, spacing them 2 inches apart. When inserting the cuttings, use a dibber (pointed piece of wood the thickness of a pencil) to make the hole, insert the cutting and firm the sand gently around it. If more than one variety is being rooted, be sure to start at the left side of the flat, inserting a label at the end of a row of one variety and continuing the row with another variety. When the flat is filled, soak it to settle the sand more compactly around the cuttings.

The flat can be set in any convenient spot where it gets sun, but for the first few days when the cuttings are likely to wilt shade them. Like what i am doing, i choose where to cut an orchid especially when i cut orchid stem. An easy method is to rest the newspapers or plastic on a framework made by pushing in six 5-inch stakes around the sides of the flat.

Rooting will take place in three to four weeks. The cuttings can then be removed from the flat and planted directly in a bed in the garden. Space the plants 12 inches apart. When 6 inches tall, snip off the tips to induce bushy, lush growth.

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