The Value Of Organizing A Garden Shed

The worst thing about gardening in my opinion is not my weedy garden, or a bed that needs replanting, but rather the fear I have about entering my cluttered dingy garden shed. What makes it worse is the last minute fall pile-in of tools, pots, extra bags of dirt, muddy hoses, etc. If a well ordered garden shed is conducive to efficient weeding, then I have to admit to less than perfect gardening efficiency.

If you can’t find your tools, and have to dig through half empty bags of potting soil and broken garden ornaments, this may lead to your gardens’ worst enemy - gardening procrastination. If you think about your shed like a big closet, and the only way a closet can be useful is if it’s organized, then maybe you’ll finally decide to get a handle on your shed clutter.

The first step in organizing your shed is to pull everything out. And I mean everything! Garden sheds can often act as depositories for old rusty and broken junk and old paint cans filled with rock hard paint. Once everything has been removed from the shed examine the contents with a critical eye. You will want to discard or give away everything that does not have a specific use. If items have not been used in a year give them away.

Now that you have gotten everything out of the shed, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Maybe even a fresh coat of paint on the inside will brighten things up and keep the spiders from weaving webs in every eave and corner. You can also use this time that your tools are out to fix up any problems, tighten the wheels on your lawnmower, and oil up any gears and hinges.

Also now that the shed has been cleared out of all the usual clutter that is inside, you should take stock of what will be going back in, and make sure that you have sufficient shelving and hooks to keep everything within easy access or reach. Leave room between tools so you aren’t pulling 3 things down every time you want to get just one rake. And consider upgrading the fancy spikes to actual plastic covered hooks that are designed to hold any size and shape of tool. Making a spot for everything, with a little extra storage space left over for the inevitable garden season purchases, will help you keep your garden shed organization from deteriorating back to it’s frightful unorganized state by next spring.

If you are like me a tidy work space is more conducive to getting work done. The same can be said about a tidy garden shed and getting gardening chores done. Although it might initially seem over whelming, organizing your shed is a great summer project. Once you have a clean and tidy garden shed that only holds useful gardening items, you will find the garden chores to be more enjoyable.

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