The Hobby Called Chainsaw Carving

If you are someone who is into the landscaping and professional gardening business, then you would certainly agree that the electric chainsaw is one of the most important tool in your inventory. Though they do not possess the power of a gas-powered chainsaw, the electric chainsaw still has some features that are relatively useful and more suitable for majority of small scale jobs. That includes pruning, hedging, and reconfiguring tree branches.

While electric chainsaws do not have the same kick as gas chainsaws, these type of cutters offer certain advantages that makes them suitable for small scale cutting jobs. But all that aside, electric chainsaws has become the perfect tool for an increasingly popular form of art - chainsaw carving.

Chainsaw carving is a new form of art that is getting widely noticed across the globe. Early records of wood sculpted by chainsaws date back to the 1950s. Today, there are thousands of individuals who are getting hooked to this hobby.

Chainsaw carving started out as a marketing gimmick in forestry expos and state fairs. In order to get the attention of potential customers, chainsaw merchants showcase their wares by hiring someone to perform a quick wood sculpture using their chainsaws. The gimmick, needless to say worked. From there, chainsaw carving sort of evolved.

As days roll in, chainsaw carving practitioners began to pick lighter and more compact chainsaws. Lighter chainsaws are easy to maneuver and electric chainsaws perfectly fit the bill. That said, electric chainsaws are the most preferred choice among chainsaw carvers.

The Remington Series is one of the most popular brands picked by many chainsaw carvers. While it is not one of the top-class brands in the market, its overall performance in terms of carving i excellent. The Remington is also a top pick among novice chainsaw carvers.

Another popular brand among chainsaw carvers is McCulloch electric chainsaws. They have a line of lightweight and compact models that can perform very well for small cutting assignments. Craftsman chainsaws are also worth mentioning as they also produce electrical chainsaws that deliver the good when it comes to carving.

Or you can pick a high end chainsaw such as Makita, Stihl, and Milwaukee. They do have models that are designed solely for chainsaw carving purposes and these are the brands master carvers prefer. However, you should be ready to spend some dime because these models are very pricey.

Electric chainsaws do not have the same power as gas powered units but that doesn’t mean you can avoid taking all relevant safety precautions. If you have you heart set on taking up chainsaw carving put safety first and purchase the right equipment. The rest can then follow.

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