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Organic Lawn Care Products

Monday, August 17th, 2009

One of the easiest ways to enhance your property value is to work on developing a beautiful lawn. The problem with lawn companies and standard lawn treatments is that their use of chemicals places the environment and your pets at risk. Run-off created by chemical treatments can affect the population’s health by seeping into underground streams and polluting drinking water. Chemical treatment can also affect the ecological system by harming different organisms in the food chain. You can avoid these risks by using organic lawn care products.

All soil requires different treatments according to its composition. A large part of lawn treatment depends on the pH of your lawn. Depending on the pH of your lawn your soil may be alkaline or acidic. Soil rich in limestone or chalk, is alkaline. Alkaline pH is anything above 7.0. Soil with pH below 6.5 pH is acidic soil. Knowing this information is important to the proper care of your lawn.

Some people do not like to use organic fertilizer because of the offensive smell. There are other options, however, such as a granular fertilizer developed from treated sewage waste. This type of product is safe and complies with all state and federal regulations regarding environmental use. It is also odorless while providing your soil with much needed organic elements.

How To Build And Maintain A Garden With Little Money

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Gardens are expensive. At least, they are initially when you are buying all of the supplies needed to build it, maintain it, and harvest the fruits of your labor. Don’t frown just yet, you can still have your cake and eat it to. Cutting costs in building a garden is easy so long as you know your way around the gardening world.

The first step is to design your garden. If you are completely new to the world of gardening, be prepared to take in a lot of information at once! You can get free books and audio discs regarding the subject at your library if you have a pass. Otherwise you can use the Internet to find free websites or magazines that will give you the help you need during the planning stage.

Think about where you could go to buy a plant. Odds are you thought of your local nursery or garden center. This is usually the worst place to go, since the prices are steeper than what you would pay elsewhere. The only benefit they have is that they have a large variety, and also have large discounts for products that are out of the current season.

Ornamental Plants as Fireplace Accessories

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

The sizes of your fireplace accessories must coordinate with the size of your mantle or else these decors will not be given any due notice. There must be sense of balance in placing your hearth accents and try arranging them in groups to be noticeable. These things can be used as functional tools and accents. What is important it to keep things like these properly organized to avoid visual confusion.

Using appropriate fireplace accessories can transform an average brick hearth into an awesome focal point in your home. The wood-burning furnace is known to be the coziest part of your home and considered as the center of attraction. The use of beautiful hanging frames like wall painting can always provide a good visual influence.

Colors can play an important role in beautifying any space of your house and they can always change the appearance of any unattractive place into a bright lively room. They are influential factors for room makeovers and give soothing effects to the eyes of the people near the heart. You can give the space a homey atmosphere with some colors that coordinates equally well with the cover of your sofas and other fireplace accessories that are already in existent to decorate the room.

Solar Lighting Can Save Money

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Much of the global economy is tied to powers of oil and other nonrenewable energy sources. Today, the same trend continues with everything from cars to electricity and the manufacture of everything from cans for sardines to plastics for toys are directly or indirectly linked to the consumption of oil.

On the one hand, peoples all over the world and entire nations find themselves almost held up at gun point because of a dependence on oil, and on the other is the ravaging effects of oil explorations and consumption on the ecology, wildlife, and even the indigenous peoples who live in most newly discovered oil reserves. Find out how to make a difference with garden solar lighting, and enjoy the many benefits of nature illuminated the nature-friendly way.

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Solar Lights: The Affordable Technology That Saves You a lot Money

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Solar lights are the wave of our illuminating future. While we have used the energy of sunlight for eons, we are only recently able to efficiently harness and manage this power. Solar lights are a step in lighting our journey toward a more Earth-friendly tomorrow.

Not only is solar lighting versatile, but it is a green way to light your home too. Sunlight is not only sustainable and renewable energy, but we get the energy needed without polluting the earth. We benefit from the sun and can light the outdoors and even the indoors without increasing global warming.

It is important to understand the way that solar lights work. These lights have a little solar panel right on top of the fixture, which is much like the solar panels you see on homes, just a lot smaller. When it is light outside, the little panels collect the energy from the sun. This energy recharges a small battery inside of the fixture. During the day the battery charges, then when it gets dark, the energy is used to light up the LED. This provides light during the dark hours until the sun comes up again.

How To Place Stop Losses?

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

The forex markets are highly volatile. There is so much noise in the intra day forex market; it becomes difficult for new retail forex traders to know where to put the stop loss. The prices in the intra day market keeps on jumping 10-20 pips for no apparent reason.

The noise in the intraday market keeps on frustrating new day traders. They constantly find their stop losses being tripped even when the rates are going in the anticipated direction.

Many new forex traders develop the habit of using a static 10-20 pip stop loss. This is an arbitrary decision. Many also try using a trailing stop loss. However, if placed too close; your stop hits too early. And if placed too far; you will have to forgo potential profits if the price retraces later on.

The actual reality is this that many professional forex traders do use stop loss but mostly place it on their computers making it invisible from their brokers. A better method to place a stop loss is by using a dynamic level that changes as the market rate changes.

Lawn Care and Weeding Effectively

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Stooping over and cleaning the weeds is not everyone’s idea of spending quality time and it is thus no wonder that removing weeds is one of the least loved lawn care jobs, but without this natural process your lawn would never look well-kept. Weeds, like all plants, need sunlight, soil, nutrients, and time to grow.

You will also see weeds on the rest of your grass as well and while mowing can help, it will not get down to the root of the trouble. This is where you will need to get down on the ground and begin pulling weeds up by, you guessed, it, their roots.

When removing weeds, you should: Wear gloves, hat, and a long sleeve shirt to safeguard yourself from the sun and from toxic plants you may find. Take a plastic bag with you where you would put all the weeds which you remove, or else if you leave them in the lawn, the seeds would distribute its growth once again. When you pull out the weeds, pull them from the roots or else they would re-grow. If you find a tough remove weeds, which is difficult to pull, dig the ground a bit and then try again.

Orchid Polythene

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Although a humidifex will greatly assist in keeping up the humidity, particularly during the summer months when the humidity is lost through the open ventilators, it is nevertheless no substitute for manual damping-down, which should also be done whenever possible. One humidifex such as illustrated would be sufficient for a To x 8 ft (3 x 2.5 m) greenhouse, or one room indoors.

It should be placed near the floor, below the plants, to allow the cool vapour to reach the plants standing above. Within a few weeks of introducing a humidifex into the greenhouse or home you should see a noticeable increase in aerial root activity on your orchids.

These days of high fuel costs the most expensive item required in determining an orchid collection in the northern hemisphere is the Ming. Prevention of heat loss is the aim of every grower, and insulation of the greenhouse will make a great saving on fuel.

Information Orchid Root System

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Plants within the genus Cattleya and related genera produce some of the most extensive root systems of any orchids. Their roots are thick and fleshy, and it is not unusual for a specimen to produce So per cent ofits root system outside the pot. Roots like this can be fed to great advantage. This plant can be repotted and the roots trimmed to about 6 in (15 cm), or left outside the pot.

Only occasionally is a single old leaf shed, their lifespan being for many years. The plant grows from a downward-creeping rhizome and the large green flower emerges from inside the base of the leaf. In cultivation the pendent habit should be retained and regular spraying essential.

All orchids produce roots. There are basically two kinds: aerial and underground. The root structure of orchids is peculiar to them, and all their roots are of a uniform thickness which does not increase with age. The roots will branch, in some species freely. All consist of a central wiry thread which is surrounded by the fleshy, moisture- retaining, part which in turn is coated by the white papery covering, the velamen, which grows as the root extends, leaving only the green growing tip exposed.

Tips on Growing Anthurium

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Besides producing new shoots in this way the variegated pineapple will also develop one or more strong growths from among the leaves of the parent rosette. These make by far the best plants in the end, and should be left to make at least six strong leaves before being removed with a sharp knife, cutting close to the parent plant.

In fact, the hotter the conditions the better, provided a moist atmosphere can be maintained by regular damping of the greenhouse or garden room. The plant grower who can spare the greenhouse only a few minutes’ attention befbre departing for work in the morning should not expect the sort of results that can be achieved by the man who can devote his time to their care. Nevertheless, much can he done with the enlistment of a willing wife who is at home all day and can be entrusted with the task of providing the essential humidity by damping around heating pipes, paths and such like.