Southernwood Herb

Southernwood herb is a perennial sub-shrub that was very popular with the herbalists of medieval times.

Southernwood herb burnt to ashes and mixed with oil will promote the growth of hair in persons affected by baldness’ and Hortus sanitatis (meaning Garden of Health) further states that ‘smoke from this plant has a pleasant scent and drives snakes out of the house’.

Southernwood herb is also used as a medicine as well as in cooking ingredients. Southernwood herb is used to this day as a home remedy to aid digestion and as an intestinal antiseptic.

Grated horseradish with cranberries and cream is very good served with game. Pure grated horseradish is excellent with hot sausages and boiled meats in place of mustard. Grated horseradish mixed with whipped cream and grated nuts is delicious with hot or cold ham. It is also used mixed with mustard. Cut in rounds the root is used for pickling gherkins and beetroots to make a tasty relish. Grated horseradish and prepared sauces may be kept in closed containers in the refrigerator for as long as 14 days without spoiling or losing their flavour because of the phytoncidic substances contained in the root.

Angelica is native to northern Eurasia and has also become naturalized in central Europe, where it was introduced in the 14th century from Scandinavia. In some countries (Belgium, Holland, Germany) it is cultivated in sunny locations with deep, moist, humus-rich soil.

Southernwood herb is often grown in gardens not only as a culinary and medicinal herb but also for its handsome foliage. Southernwood herb does not flower until late autumn in central Europe and generally does not produce viable seeds. Southernwood herb is therefore propagated by dividing older clumps. Old wood should be cut out during the dormant period in winter, thereby promoting the growth of new shoots and lush foliage in spring.

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