Rain Gauges ? The Decorative And The Wireless

Rain Gauges ? The Decorative And The Wireless

Over the years, weather professionals, novices and just plain weather enthusiasts have been using rain gauges, which deliver its main purpose and provide other bonus features. They now have the decorative and the wireless rain gauges.

So what is a decorative rain gauge aside from the fact that it is decorative?

Well, decorative rain gauges are interesting and comforting sights on the front lawn or backyard of a house during days when rains or storms abound. It does perform its primary function and purpose, which is to determine the amount of rainfall or other types of precipitation that your area had by millimeters or inches. In addition, all the while it delivers the results, it would bring an added look of charm on a garden, backyard or front lawn.

Nowadays, having a decorative rain gauge can surely accentuate a backyard, patio, deck, porch, and lawn grounds. It could be a very decorative but also a very functional mechanism. However, if preferred, it can also be just a decorative fixture on the living room or bedroom, without having to use it functionally.

Since they are decorative rain gauges, they can be shaped to become anything that would truly add accents to the overall landscape. They can be shaped as a frog, dog, bird, flower, fairy or even a garden gnome if preferred. Now gardeners may really delight in the concept of having a rain gauge put up without having to make sure that it does not mess with the overall image of the garden. They can have interesting accents and still help them know the amount of precipitation in their area, how great can such equipment get?

A decorative rain gauge can be either staked in the garden grounds or mounted on a pole or railing, depending on how it would affect the general view of a backyard, porch, lawn, deck or patio. Still, if the main objective of putting up the rain gauge is to get accurate data on the amount of precipitation and not just as an added attraction, then rigging it up on a higher surface is recommended. This way, the only thing that would fall into it will be rain and nothing else.

Having the rain gauge on the ground might contaminate the data it will generate because of factors like drops of water that could drop on it from nearby trees or plants. Wherever it may be put up however, one thing is sure. Decorative rain gauges can really add a trendy look to your outdoor or indoor home facade.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer having rain gauges without a lot of fuss. That is why they opt to have the wireless rain gauge. A wireless rain gauge serves its main purpose without the inconvenience in retrieving the data it generates. It has two main parts: the actual rain gauge, which is placed outdoors to catch the precipitation and a weather station or wireless receiver to indicate its readings. With this wireless receiver, the owner need not come out to get the gauge’s reading and just take it from the comfort of indoors.

The wireless receiver would have a digital display that will report the amount of precipitation that is going on in the area, in millimeters. It can also give out other data such as the outdoor and indoor temperatures, cumulative rainfall to be expected for a specific period - per day, week or year, etc.

Wireless rain gauges that are usually offered in the market have a range of 100 ? 330 foot. Moreover, there are those that are already self-emptying. Totally fuss-free, the owner need not empty out the gauge physically after the rain.

So, for those who opt to send out rain gauges as gifts for their friends or family, what is it to be ? the decorative type or the wireless type?

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