Propagation and the Japanese White Pine Bonsai

Propagation and the Japanese White Pine Bonsai
How to propagation the Japanese White Pine

The Japanese White Pine bonsai is a very attractive plant. The plant requires care however to maintain its growth and to keep the plant in shape. The White Pine is the body of Pinus Parviflora, Pinus Pentaphylla. White pine comes from North America and grows rapidly once developed. The pine tree is a native or eastern grown North America bush with soft durable wood. White pine includes the group of Pinus Strobus also. The pine may grow five-needle collections about the wood.

To propagate or grow a bonsai tree, first you must consider the plant. Are you growing the tree from seedlings? Pine trees grow ripe cones, which start developing after a couple years of growth. At this time, you can gather the cones and place them in a warm, dry environment. The best time to gather the cones is around September or in October. Once the cones start to open you, want to gather the seeds from the pine and saturate them in water.

If you notice, sinking seeds you can gather these seeds and start propagation. Before you plant, the seeds in the spring make sure that you use safe chemicals to kill any fungi. The plants should be inserted in flat covered or sheet like thick layers of sand. If you grow the plants during the fall, make sure you re-pot the plants in the spring since shoots are fragile once it starts growing from the seed.

The plants can also be layered. If you choose, the basic layering methods select the flexible branches on the low scale and remove the needles. You want to bury these needles and move to cut slit in the outer layer of the tree. (Bark) Once you bury the rough, outer covering (Bark) make sure that the soil is moist. Maintain moisture. Once the shoots begin to develop, cut through the layers, and continue caring for your plant as recommended.

You have the option of air layering also. You perform similar actions in air layering as you would perform in basic layering.

How to air layer the Japanese White Pine
Remove the covering of the branch leaves you want to layer. Again, you want to slit a spot and hold the incision open and add sphagnum moss. The layer should be covered with moist moss and closed with plastic or tubes at each end. You can re-pot the plant as it starts to layer in the spring. Cut through the layer at this time also.

Growing cuttings and training them, as bonsai requires that you extract cuttings from young breeds. The older breeds are harder to train as bonsai. You want the shorter branches, which are at least two years old. Before you plant, the cuttings are sure to brush on root-hormones.

How to care for the Japanese White Pine:
Caring for the White Pine requires consideration of sunlight, temperature, ventilation, and potting. The Japanese White Pine demands direct sunlight, unless you are growing cultivars or dwarfs. In this case, during summer months supply the pines with shading.

White Pines do not mind windy weathers. However, the plants prefer cool places and cannot stand intense heat or cold weather. If you are growing the fine, needled White Pines take care to keep them out of dry winds.

How to pot the Japanese White Pines:
You will need a deep pot. The cobalt blue pots are often used to grow the White Pines, since if the pot is not deep enough it could cause the tree to tip.

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