Eco-Friendly Home and Property Ideas for Generating a Second Income from Your SmallRural Property

If you own a piece of land in a rural area, it could be earning you a considerable second income that could compete with your normal earnings. In a world where we are truly starting to care for our environment, the value of what you have is increasing. Some people are using eco-friendly technologies, such as eco-friendly canopies and bird netting to grow more crops, while others are earning income from the sun. Here is a look at some eco-friendly income earning options for small rural property owners.

If you live in a rural property, whether you are farming or not, there are some different considerations you will have compared with those living in the city. Many rural properties are more likely to be self-sustaining, and we do see a higher percentage of homes that are off the grid. Even if not on a huge commercial level, getting the most out of your land, with such features as canopies to protect what you grow, even solar farming, could mean you are earning considerable amounts of money from the land you have. If you are not earning, at least you will not be spending. In this article, we look at the ways you can rely less on utilities and make the most out of your property, and possibly earn something while you are at it.

  • Solar Farming.Even if you don’t have the cash to invest, it might be worth looking at this investment with borrowed money. You might also be able to get some government support. Electricity bills will only continue to sky rocket. Solar farming is the installation of large areas of solar panels and selling that generated power back to the utility companies. This could be a considerable earner without major work.
  • Organic Vegetable and Crops.With monthly markets very common, you could be earning a side income from what you grow without going fully commercial. To make the most out of the land you have, you will need to protect it. Built to measure canopies and bird netting will mean you keep what you grow. Organic vegetables are fetching high prices, and if you have ever tried home grown vegetables and fruits, you will know how flavorless supermarket bought produce is. I grow my own, and now would not have it any other way.
  • Water Recycling.For around $2-3000, you can have a water recycling unit installed into your property. Humans use a lot of water, and for most of us, that used water just goes to waste. Recycling of water means you have what looks like a concrete well on your property. Here, bio-organisms convert that water into water that can be used to water your garden and crops. In a country like Australia, which has extended periods without rain, this is a very sensible option. In combination with large water tanks, you should be able to take your property off the water utility grid.
  • UGC – the New Alternative Energy.Underground Coal Gasification is the processes where gas is pushed out of the ground under pressure. Although there is a huge amount of debate regarding the pros and cons of this technology, it could certainly make a country like Australia completely energy independent. Land owners are paid a fee by the government and developers to extract this gas from under their land. Earnings can be substantial and equipment installed on your property is minimal. Some studies have estimated there is enough of these underground deposits to fuel Australia for over 1000 years.

Any changes to your property must be confirmed with your home insurance company. Even outdoor additions that have not been recorded with your insurance company, may be reasoning enough for them not to pay your claim. Even if your business venture is insured separately, you should still talk to your home insurer.

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