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Maintaining The Swimming Pool

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Those of you who have swimming pools in their house know that maintaining them is a tough task. Most the people do not have any knowledge about how to clean the pools. It is very important to do regular cleaning of pools otherwise the water gets stagnated and becomes contaminated with debris, algae, and even germs.

It is always recommended to clean your swimming pool every fortnight. Moreover, you should also maintain and replace the filter used to clean the pool. There are specified types of filters that are used to make sure your swimming pool stays clean.

There are various types of filters available for your swimming pool. They are Sand ” the bulletproof filter, Cartridge ” the economic low maintenance filter, and Diatomaceous Earth – the water polisher.

Sand filter is the most commonly and widely used filter. To make the filter more efficient one has to change the sand in the filter. Otherwise, the sand will wear out enough to allow dirt to penetrate so deep that normal back-washing doesn’t clean it completely.

Hot Tub Privacy: Clever Design Tricks

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Unless youre some kind of exhibitionist, walking semi-nude beneath your neighbors windows probably didnt form part of the fantasy life you imagined when the possibility of a hot tub first came to mind. What youll be glad to know is that even if youve gone and installed the thing already, there are a good number of landscaping ideas for privacy around hot tubs that will make sure you dont have to worry about peeping toms or judgmental voyeurs making your relaxing time a tense or nervous experience.

The absolute best idea for a hot tub privacy design – in terms of providing privacy, at least – also probably goes against what most people find so attractive about the idea of a hot tub – being outdoors in hot water. In other words, you can install your hot tub inside a hut-like wooden structure, one in which you can soak, steam and perhaps even enjoy the garden view through some tinted windows. Alternatively, you could leave one side of the hut open, for a hawaiian-island-type bathing experience. If youre short for space on options like these, you could always convert one of the rooms in your home into a sauna room.

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