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3 Great Tips And Tricks To Avoid Pool Maintenance

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

There is nothing like having your own swimming pool. I can stay in the water for hours. I love the beach, and water parks are fun, but there is nothing quite like the privacy and intimacy of a private swimming pool. The second thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they think about having their own swimming pool, unless you want to opt out and and have a pool cleaner take care of this for you, is the work involved. I have a rain water swimming pool in a rural and tropical area, which potentially means a great deal of algae, and so if anyone knows how to avoid hours of work, then it is me. Read these handy tips for maintaining your swimming pool and it will be a breeze…

1. Get a pool cover.

Your pool will probably not used for at least half of the year even if you live in a more tropical environment. Covering your pool for half of the year will save your hours of time and money when you do go to use it. A cover has drastic effects on your pool maintenance. Firstly it will stop debris and a huge source of algae. Secondly it will limit the sunlight the stagnant water is exposed to and reducing the growth of algae. Thirdly and just as importantly it will reduce the amount of evaporation – and if you live like I do, not on the water mains and only off the land, then you will really understand the importance of water conservation. I made my pool out of a used truck tarpaulin which I got for practically nothing at a local dump. Cut to size with the addition of fasteners it was ready to go.

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture: Combining the Furniture

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Remember that older outdoor furniture will need another layer of sealant or varnish to protect it in the rainy winter months. If you can keep it under a cover during this time of year, that’s even better.If you’re really not worried about looks or style, just go with plastic patio furniture.

Usually a natural beige color, wicker furniture rarely looks worn out on the outset. It may only be on very close scrutiny that one will be able to see cracks or scratches on the fibers.

These sets are all about casual seating and they are usually anchored with a two person love seat. Along with the love seat will come a pair of chairs and a center coffee table. Some sets will also include a side table or two that are height matched for the chairs.

Protecting everything with individual covers will keep your furniture looking new. They also make it easier to keep the furniture outside for periods, without having to keep placing everything in the shed, should the weather turn suddenly. Covers help a great deal, and some material is intended for all year round purposes.

Adding Chlorine Stabilizer To Your Swimming Pool

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Chlorine Stabilizer, chlorine’s best friend. Do you use chlorine in your swimming pool? If so then chances are you’re wasting it if you are not using chlorine stabilizer. With chlorine stabilizer, the chlorine will last a lot longer than without it.

Chlorine Stabilizer is an organic compound and it’s purpose is to keep the chlorine in your swimming pool lasting longer. It keeps it in there by not letting the chlorine get oxidized by the sun.

Add chlorine stabilizer at the beginning of the pool season. Keeping your stabilizer at 40ppm will ensure proper chlorine stabilization. Keep a close eye on it since your stabilizer levels and rise and fall due to water loss or rising by adding stabilized chlorine products.

Here Is How You Add Chlorine Stabilizer To Your Pool 1. First you must clean your filter out. Just backwash your filter or rinse your cartridge if you have a cartridge filter.

2. We need to determine how much stabilizer to add. Most require 1 pound per 3,000 gallons of pool water, so if you have a 12,000 gallon pool you would add 4 pounds. Before doing this, check the amounts on the back of the product to make sure this is correct.

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