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Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum for Your Patio Umbrella

Friday, July 10th, 2009

It’s difficult to imagine a well designed patio area without a well chosen patio umbrella. This essential furniture piece is responsible for creating a shady area filled with relaxation and ambience. In order to make sure that you pick one that’s best for you, you need to first determine a few key factors.

A critical step in picking the perfect patio umbrella is choosing the look and feel of the shaft material. For this, aluminum and wood umbrellas are the two main categories. Each has its own distinct style with separate advantages and disadvantages.

Although they can be more expensive, wooden patio umbrellas are often chosen based on their look and feel. Wood is a great choice especially if you want to match other wooden furniture pieces. The choice of wood will factor in on the price of the umbrella heavily.

The downside to a wooden umbrella is that it doesn’t match the high strength and durability of more modern materials like aluminum. Some designs have gone around this by replacing the inside of the wood with a steel core for added mechanical strength. With this you get the look of wood with the strength of steel.

Starting Over with an Outdoor Swing

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Outdoor gardens can be a wonderful, peaceful place to relax and unwind or they can be a place that is overgrown or barren that you avoid. It all depends on the time and effort you put into designing a garden that gives you the kind of environment you can enjoy.

One of the best ways I have found to create an outdoor garden space that I love spending time in is by starting with one central item, such as an outdoor swing. Take this item and find the perfect place for it and then build the rest of the garden around it. Create a unified look based on that one item.

The large pieces you choose will have an important impact on the look and feel of your garden. Planning ahead will help you create a unified look that works as you add each new piece.

When you use a central item to begin your garden, you must choose it carefully and with thought. This will help you eliminate the possibility of designing a space that you end of hating and avoiding.

Making Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Making outdoor patio furniture covers is easier than you think. By making your own covers you get the design and colors that you want. Making your own covers will also save you money. I have seen patio set covers made out of a variety of different fabrics. There is no right fabric. The choice of fabric is up to the individual taste.

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep your patio furniture covered if it will not be in use for extended periods of time. Protecting your patio set from the elements, regardless of the season, is key to keeping your investment protected and in the best shape possible. Particularly vulnerable are outdoor patio sets in tropical or seaside climates, where extremely intense sun and/or salty air will break down your furniture’s protective finish in well under a year. Covering your furniture is a time and money saver compared to completely refinishing your furniture.

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture: Combining the Furniture

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Remember that older outdoor furniture will need another layer of sealant or varnish to protect it in the rainy winter months. If you can keep it under a cover during this time of year, that’s even better.If you’re really not worried about looks or style, just go with plastic patio furniture.

Usually a natural beige color, wicker furniture rarely looks worn out on the outset. It may only be on very close scrutiny that one will be able to see cracks or scratches on the fibers.

These sets are all about casual seating and they are usually anchored with a two person love seat. Along with the love seat will come a pair of chairs and a center coffee table. Some sets will also include a side table or two that are height matched for the chairs.

Protecting everything with individual covers will keep your furniture looking new. They also make it easier to keep the furniture outside for periods, without having to keep placing everything in the shed, should the weather turn suddenly. Covers help a great deal, and some material is intended for all year round purposes.

Quest For Patio Furniture Covers

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

When I was choosing new patio furniture covers I felt a bit lost. I was really tired of having to wash my patio table each time my family wanted to eat in the backyard, which in the summer is almost every other day. I live in an area that has a lot of squirrels and birds and raccoons and I just wasn’t comfortable with my children eating off the table before I had a chance to wash in it good warm soapy water.

I have some lovely furniture that looks like it is made from exotic hard wood but it really isn’t. I expect it is made with pine and stained to look exotic. I got a great deal on the furniture at Home Depot about six years ago. Another reason I desire some new patio furniture covers is that the rain and the sun can really destroy the finish on my wooden furniture. The furniture has really aged well and I have nothing to complain about. However, without annual or bi-annual maintenance it can show its age.

Outdoor Living

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Outside dining and patio areas are often associated with the phrase, Outdoor Living. The word Patio originates from the Spanish language and means-back garden or backyard.

A very popular addition to any home would be a patio. It offers a place to wine and dine family and friends throughout the summer. A well designed area will be a great attribute to any home.

Although patio’s are generally made of concrete or stone slabs, any building product that allows the formation of a base can be used. These would include wooden decking, gravel stone, wood bark, and even a lawn itself could be used for a patio base.

When considering building a patio, depending upon the type of material used, you will need to have adequate drainage installed. This would certainly be the case for concrete or stone. Wooden bark, or a grassed area would have natural drainage.

Once you have a base, now the fun part. Shopping for items of furniture place on your patio has been made so much easier with the popularity of online shopping. This has opened up the market no end, and has made for some very competitive pricing to be found. The choice of furniture and styles are enormous, and you’re no longer tied to the high street retailer. This has made it extremely beneficial for the consumer.

Outdoor Teak Furniture To Upscale Your Patio or Deck

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Outdoor teak furniture is the missing component for your new patio, porch or back garden. Have you always wanted to entertain your guests outdoors in comfortable, dependable surroundings? Then teak furniture is definitely the way to go.

Teak furniture is made from teak wood, which comes from the Teak tree in Southeast Asia. It is renowned for its dense properties and durability, making it ideal for the construction of anything from houses or bridges to patio tables and chairs.

Not only is Teak a great choice for outdoor patio furniture it is also a winner for indoor furniture. Dining table sets, office desks, futon couches and many interior accessories are made from teak and offer a great complement to many indoor decors. There is also a place for teak in the business environment due to its rich and elegant good looks.

The benefits of owning outdoor teak furniture are plenty. Firstly, teak wood is a high quality material that has been tried and trusted over many decades. Early settlers in Central Africa even used Zambezi teak wood to build railway lines, bridges and buildings thanks to its extreme durability.

Garden Parasols 101

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

OK, the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky. Perhaps, though, you want some shade – a parasol – for your garden. This article looks at some of the options of wooden parasol available. A full range of parasols is available from Garden Furniture Scotland. Other articles in this series cover Cantilever Parasols, Aluminium Parasols, and Parasol Bases.

If you want the parasol to shade a table, you need to decide if it will go through the centre of the table, in which case you will need a table with a central hole. This hole should accommodate most parasol stems – the hole in most tables is about 51mm but can vary either way.

Amazingly, parasols stems have an industry standard and most (though, of course not all) are either 38mm or 48mm in diameter. If there is a hole in the centre of your table, then you are best to choose a through the table parasol. The most popular parasol is the central pole parasol which doesn’t stand on its own but is most commonly placed through the centre of the table.

The best material to go for when selecting Patio Furniture?

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

The furniture that we buy for rooms in our home and those which we buy for our patios are most certainly not the same.

For one thing indoor furniture doesn’t need to be weather proof and for another, indoor furniture needs to fit into your dcor.

Also, there are thousands of different colours in nature so patio furniture doesn’t need to match with them all, yet indoor furniture needs to correspond with the existing colour schemes.

Saying that, there are features of patio furniture that need to be sorted out, such as how it will be treated to save it from harsh weather conditions.

One of the most favoured patio furniture materials is that of cedar wood.

The list of benefits that this type of wood has over others is almost unending.

It’s a completely natural materials which comes from trees which grow in both the Himalaya and Mediterranean regions.

The grain of the wood contains many cylinder shapes which allow water drops to run straight through it to the roots, without soaking into the wood and making it warp out of shape, bend or buckle as a result.

What Wood is Better for Outdoor Furniture

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Spring is here and it is time to fix up the patio furniture. Some needs replacing, some needs fixing. Now is the time to make those decisions before we invite family and friends for the long awaited barbecue. If you need to replace some furniture consider you choice of wood so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

We all want to impress our guests, and we can do so by providing comfortable, as well as good looking patio furniture. With a little attention to our selection of patio furniture we can provide a relaxing setting and improve the look of our patio. This selection can be as expensive as you want it but does not have to be. Furniture for every taste and budget is available on the market.

Because patio furniture is used extensively summer in summer out, your selection should be based on its look of course, as it must fit the house and the owner’s sense of style. But good quality has to be the other important characteristic to withstand the extensive use for a long time.

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