All about Lilies

Selecting Lilies

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

In order to grow and maintain a flower that’s an easy task to look after, lovely along with vibrant then lilies may be the best alternative available for you.

Research has revealed that lilies are considered as one of the most common blooms on the globe along with rose bushes. In truth, it’s the 4th most well liked plant across the world. Similar to many other plants, lilies can be found in many kinds, shapes, hues not to mention dimensions.

Often, they are utilized for edges or maybe beds involving various vegetation including shrubs. Alternative subspecies are ideal as feature plants while others are ideal for pool planting. The little versions are employed by people inside their alpine stone landscapes or perhaps as in house potted plants.

In landscapes, lilies can be put together with other early, mid-season, and late-blooming cultivars given that it’s flowers typically flower around middle of June until middle of Sept.

Locating “genuine” lilies

For starters, it is typically perplexing to get lilies when they just depend upon the particular title “lily”. Simply because there’s a lot of plants which bear the word “lily” as part of their familiar name however they are not really lilies. Some of these flowers are “daylily” and “peace lily” which don’t belong to the genus lilium.

Selecting, Planting And Taking care of Your own Garden Lilies

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Lilies supply life and color to every yard and also liven it up beyond your own expectations. These types of sturdy bulbs need hardly any care but could surprise anyone by ultimately growing to a huge bunch of blooming stems.

To experience a more extensive series of blooms, you may choose a combination of early on, mid-season and late-blooming cultivars. By doing this, you can have flowering lilies for a few months on end.


The two preferred types of lily flowers for your yard are the Asiatic and Oriental lilies. The Asiatic variety will be the least difficult to grow.

It really is sturdy and there is no need for staking. Additionally it is not very selective when it comes to the soil it grows in provided it’s got good water drainage.


Oriental lilies, however, are getting fashionable. This is due to its big, unusual flowers along with their heady sweet scents. Orientals may be productively cultivated if your earth is organic and natural and acidic, together with very good waterflow and drainage as well, as well as heavily mulched each and every autumn.

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