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Vines Offer Unlimited Opportunities For Decorating

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Vines are available in an endless variety of size, texture, color, and form, and they can be trained to any shape, line, or curve. Name the decorative purpose your planting should serve, the effect you want to achieve, and take your choice of suitable vines or hanging plants. For dangling down from the edge of an indoor garden or climbing a piece of gnarled driftwood at the back, there are dainties like the creeping fig or the more luxuriant scindapsus. For a big, bold, masculine effect on the wall of a man’s study or a tropical patio, there are a great number of astonishing philodendrons and monsteras. For airy, lacy shadow effects, there are annuals like the canary-bird vine, succulents like the ceropegias.

For filling the bare space between a tall plant and its planter and relating each to the other, use any number of attractive trailers. For shading or screening a porch or patio, choose heavy-textured vines like the Dutchman’s pipe, lighter types like akebia. For evergreen vines of winter beauty, you can have small-leaved euonymous or handsome ivies; for brilliant fall color, parthenocissus or grapevines. There are dwarf vines and giants; vines with waxy foliage, or subdued and velvety; vines with colorful flowers or berries, or both; those that grow rampant or modest and restrained. There are magnificent climbing roses and clematis; exotic passion flowers and bougainvilleas – and all kinds of trailing plants for hanging baskets and wall brackets.

Green Landscaping — Designing with Your Heart

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Green landscaping is a science which comes with some advantages, and a lot of personal criteria. Green landscapers tend to be very highly motivated, and very demanding of themselves because of their commitments. Green landscapers treat their designs like other people treat their home insuranceEverything must be covered. This is a demanding process, and it can get tough.

The issues

The basic concepts of Green landscaping are very like permaculture. Green landscapes are ecologically structured. They can include soil biota and great attention to natural ecology. They naturally include consideration of soil issues, runoff, species mixes, and a range of other technical issues which could easily fill a large library. As you may have gathered, that means Green landscapes can be difficult concepts to put into practice.

An example of Green landscaping

The most easily explained version of Green landscaping is a “restoration” type of ecological concept, using native plants, etc as the basis of the design. That isn’t necessarily easy in the modern world. Many areas are in a state of ecological flux, and native sources are often in decline. Re-establishing species isn’t straightforward, because they need their local ecology, including insects, etc, to be in working order, and that’s often not the case.

It’s not impossible, however.

How to Give your Garden a Makeover

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

We have all seen garden makeover shows. An army of workers descend on a garden with tools in tow, and sometimes even large machinery like bobcats. Such dedicated attention to a garden might be effective, but it’s beyond the budget of the average citizen. A few practical, more modestly priced solutions are on hand, to help Joe Average turn his garden around. Just like with furniture removal, choose a supplier that works for you.

Gardens help complement the attractiveness of a house. An unruly and unkempt garden makes a whole property look unappealing, even if the house is in good order. It is therefore worth accentuating the attractiveness of a nice house by taking steps to a tidy garden, with perhaps a few little features that add charm and quaintness.

The presence of grass gives a plot of land a natural look. Keeping lawns cut is the first step to a tidy garden.
One should then get rid of long grass at the edges of gardens. Whipper snippers do a good tidy up job, and edging tools keep the sides of paths neat. For harder to access areas, like in cracks, pull out weeds and grass, and treat these areas so that nothing grows back.

Backyard Shed Style – Wood Or Steel?

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Are you thinking whether to get a garden shed? There are a few things to think about first. First of all, wood or metal. The second thing is, do you buy or build it yourself? You can learn from my mistakes, keep reading and find out the best option for you.

When I first made a decision to get a new garden shed I made the mistake of ordering a ‘build it yourself’ premade metal shed. It took me around a day to construct and I knew right from the start it probably was not going to be the shed I wanted.

After I had built it I tried to convince myself that it would do the job. The sliding metal doors made such a horrible noise when closing them and even though I had bolted all of it down to the ground it still didn’t feel extremely safe.

It was not till one or two days later I realized that some of my tools and appliances were wet. As I looked up at the roof I realized it was damp. Condensation; the entire roof was covered with condensation which didn’t vanish till late afternoon by which time as soon as the sun had gone down it was already beginning to come back.

Making A Wooden Shed Projects – Construct Your Own Shed With Your Family

Friday, April 30th, 2010

There are tons of folks that like to learn how to create a garden shed, and it can be tricky work, especially if you have never done before! There are lots of ways to find out how to build a shed and the way that I endorse most is to purchase a storage shed kit. The shed kits are available at places like Lotus, Home Depot, and even on the internet.

Benefits of shed kits are it’s really easy to follow, and they include detailed step-by-step instructions and frequently include diagrams. They save your time and trouble of building a shed from the start they also save your cash because you won’t have to hire somebody to do it for you.

Before you learn how to build storage shed, you should first figure out what kind of hardware you may use. The most popular are vinyl, wood and metal (aluminium). The vinyl is becoming more popular of late and the rationale is perhaps because you don’t need to color, and you shouldn’t ever fret about it rusting.

Food, Cover And Water: Essentials For Wildlife

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Squirrels, while not predatory on birds at a feeder, take large quantities of food and keep the birds from feeding. Some people enjoy them as Hulett as the birds, but, if you want to keep them off the feeder, you will have to place it on a pole 6 or 7 feet above the ground and far enough away from overhanging branches or the buildings, so that they cannot jump from them to the feeder.

A circular funnel-shaped metal guard, 2 to 3 feet, in diameter, must be placed on the pole under the feeder to keep the squirrel Erma climbing the pole or jumping from the ground to the feeder. All other devices I’ve tried or observed have failed.

When Jane’s friends questioned her as to why they couldn’t get birds to their shelves when they put out the same food in similar places, she sought my help in trying to answer them. This time another basic principle of winter feeding was evident at Jane’s, but she had not helped in providing it or even realized its presence. I refer, of course, to the abundance of spruce, hemlock, and pine trees in the area and the tangles of forsythia, Virginia creeper, and Japanese honeysuckle nearby.

A Hit Among Landscaping Shrubs

Friday, March 12th, 2010

The landscaper must decide whether deciduous plants (those that drop their leaves) or evergreens should be used in the foundation planting. Your taste and your climate will be the key factors. But remember that a mixture of the two is rarely, if ever, desirable – although an evergreen ground cover can well be used with whichever type of plant you decide on. Indeed, such a ground cover might be even more useful and effective around deciduous material than around evergreens. It will keep the planting from looking sparse and bare after the shrubs go dormant and drop their leaves.

Seasonal Changes

Deciduous plants grow much faster and larger than most evergreens so you need to know more about plant habits generally to use them properly. As to which type offers the greater interest throughout the year, it may surprise you to learn that the deciduous plants lead. In many parts of the country such plants go through four seasonal phases in each of which they take on different characteristics.

How to Look after your Metal Shed

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Most of the metal sheds available today are either made from steel or aluminum. As well as being extremely light these materials are very strong and don’t need much time spent on caring on them to maintain their good condition. Also unlike wooden sheds these kinds don’t need foundations to be laid before they are erected and take much less time to put up.

Compared to wooden sheds these sheds don’t need to have the same amount of care taken over them. Yet if you do care for your metal shed correctly following its construction along with keeping it looking good for years to come you are actually increasing its life span as well.

When it comes to metal sheds how should one make sure that the one erected in the garden is cared for properly? In this article we provide some tips that could prove very useful to ensure that you take care of yours correctly.

1. When it comes to metal sheds remember that they can dent easily so you need to reduce this risk through placing it in a position away from likely dangers. Avoid erecting it close to where your car or children’s bikes are stored. Just moving it five feet in any direction can help to reduce the possibility of it becoming dented over the next few years.

How To Build A Shed Using Plans And Kits

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

How to build a shed is not hard to learn and can be completed successfully even by a beginner; if they take the effort to prepare the right way for the task right from the beginning. This begins by making the determination as to whether you want to do this from scratch using wood shed plans, or build it using one of the prefab kits that are on the market now. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. There are some measures that are fundamental that you are going to need to do no matter which method you utilize.

The fundamental measures refer to that you first need to know where you are going to erect your shed. You want some place where it is ready to get to ,yet will merge in nicely with your landscaping. The next decision will be as to how enormous do you want it. This will be determined on just what you want to be able to stock, and what your budget will allow. Finally you will need to prepare the ground for your shed by making sure it is level. Now this is where you will start to see some difference, depending on which method you have chose.

Examining The Effectiveness Of Bird Netting For The Control Of Avian Species

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

The features and advantages of bird netting for avian control programs are many and varied. For airports or areas that need to ensure that bird populations either do not get out of hand or do not interfere with vital transportation or other activities, going with such netting — which generally is very cost-effective — can make a great deal of sense.

Bird netting — in specific terms — is looked upon as a more sensible way of controlling large populations of birds that — when left uncontrolled — might interfere with any number of human activities. This can include interfering with agricultural processes, aviation and a number of other functions that seem to attract birds, for some reason.

Usually, one will also see netting in aviaries or bird sanctuaries, where it is employed to separate different bird species or to keep humans from interfering with the daily activities of the birds within the aviary or sanctuary. It also can be used to keep migratory bird species and their flocks from congregating in large numbers. It will convince them, in some cases, to reroute their migration patterns as well.

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