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Orchids: It is all in the Details

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Orchids are very popular plants in Indonesia and easy to find in every island, you do not have to go to the jungle to see them. That is one of the reasons why Indonesia chose Phalaenopsis amabilis as one of our national flowers. Orchids are notoriously lavish blooms that can add glitz and glamour to your walk down the aisle. Simply gorgeous wedding flowers. Orchids dislike sudden change in temperature, however a difference of 10 C – 20 C between day and night temperature is beneficial. The best suitable range is 18 C to 30 C, proper ventilation is must to provide fresh air and also helps in reducing the temperature.

Orchids are a flowering plant that can grow on every continent in the world, except Antarctica. In addition to their large growing area, orchid flowers are part of a family that contains more species than any other family of plants. Orchids are typically found in humid habitats and providing your house plants with a humid environment is therefore recommended if you want to carry out supreme orchid care. The recommended daytime humidity for orchids is 50-70 percent. Orchids have been the symbol of love, luxury, and beauty for centuries. The Greeks looked at the orchids as a symbol of virility.

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