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Food, Cover And Water: Essentials For Wildlife

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Squirrels, while not predatory on birds at a feeder, take large quantities of food and keep the birds from feeding. Some people enjoy them as Hulett as the birds, but, if you want to keep them off the feeder, you will have to place it on a pole 6 or 7 feet above the ground and far enough away from overhanging branches or the buildings, so that they cannot jump from them to the feeder.

A circular funnel-shaped metal guard, 2 to 3 feet, in diameter, must be placed on the pole under the feeder to keep the squirrel Erma climbing the pole or jumping from the ground to the feeder. All other devices I’ve tried or observed have failed.

When Jane’s friends questioned her as to why they couldn’t get birds to their shelves when they put out the same food in similar places, she sought my help in trying to answer them. This time another basic principle of winter feeding was evident at Jane’s, but she had not helped in providing it or even realized its presence. I refer, of course, to the abundance of spruce, hemlock, and pine trees in the area and the tangles of forsythia, Virginia creeper, and Japanese honeysuckle nearby.

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