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Organic Garden Fertilizer ” How to Worm Compost

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Worm excretion, also known as Vermiculture, is an excellent way to fertilize your garden organically. Listed below is a step by step guide to get you started on creating your own worm compost fertilizer.

Get a Container

For best results, acquire a container that is eight to twelve inches deep. In addition, wood is an excellent material for your worm compost as it absorbs moisture and insulates the worms. There are some who prefer a rectangular shaped plastic container; however these tend to make the compost soggy.

Have Plenty of Holes in the Bottom

It is important to drill holes at least two inches apart all across the bottom of your container. If you are using a plastic container, it will need several addition holes. Once your holes are drilled, place the container on bricks to lift it off the ground. This will allow air flow to circulate under and through the container. It is also very important to keep a tray underneath your container in order to catch any excess moisture. This excess liquid can be used as liquid fertilizer. If you notice your compost seems extra soggy, simply add more holes to the bottom.

Growing Orchids Indoors – 3 Important Tips To Help Your Orchids Flourish

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Caring for orchids can be harder than expected, but watching them wilt or suffer while in your care is much harder.

Below are three of the most important areas to monitor when looking after orchids. These will by no means guarantee you a beautiful orchid bloom, but it will keep your plant healthy.

1. Orchids And Water – Orchids need water, but they hate being over watered. The orchid family is very large and different orchids have different requirements. A basic rule is that no orchid should be left more than two weeks without water, but most will not need to be watered more than once every five days.

When the days are shorter and darker your orchid will probably not need as much water, so expect to change your orchid care with the seasons.

2. The Sun Can Harm Your Orchid – Orchids need sun, but it’s easy for them to get too much direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause dark spots to appear on the leaves of the plant or it is possible that the leaf will still look healthy, but the deep green tone will start to fade.

Garden Upkeep Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore. Here Are 7 Reasons Why.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

You like the beauty of the flowers, but you don’t like the upkeep. You’re proud of your yard, but you wonder if the hours of back-breaking labor are worth the effort. Perhaps you don’t mind a little work, but you don’t want to spend all weekend doing it. Here are 7 suggestions that can help you achieve a low-maintenance yard:

1. If you like roses, grow roses. The last thing you want is to look at gardening as a time-waster. It should bring you pleasure. So grow those lilies if they’re your favorite. The point is that if you stick with what you like, you’re less likely to view the upkeep as a mundane chore. That’s not what you want.

2. Know the lay of the land. You have to be aware of how your yard is laid out and its different aspects. For example, you don’t want to plant something that requires sufficient water on a hill. Something that needs fertile soil isn’t going to grow where the ground is sandy or rocky. If you plant things incorrectly, they’re not going to grow.

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