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How to Build a Secure Wooden Storage Shed

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Have you finally decided to build a wooden storage shed? While most of us already know that a storage shed is a necessary addition to our property, many of us have dillydallied because of the fear that we may not be able to do it right, plus we don’t really have the extra cash to have someone do it for us. While some do have the skills to create their own shed, many of them have the tendency to forget to ensure that their shed is secure and durable.

Time and again, having a detailed plan has proven that it is the best way to have a problem-free building project. A detailed plan takes out the guess work while you’re doing the project saving you, your money, time and effort. Also, before you even actually start to build your shed you will be able to prepare all the materials you need making it easy for you to just put them all together. Plus you can develop a good timeframe and know exactly what you have to do one after the other.

Backyard Shed Style – Wood Or Steel?

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Are you thinking whether to get a garden shed? There are a few things to think about first. First of all, wood or metal. The second thing is, do you buy or build it yourself? You can learn from my mistakes, keep reading and find out the best option for you.

When I first made a decision to get a new garden shed I made the mistake of ordering a ‘build it yourself’ premade metal shed. It took me around a day to construct and I knew right from the start it probably was not going to be the shed I wanted.

After I had built it I tried to convince myself that it would do the job. The sliding metal doors made such a horrible noise when closing them and even though I had bolted all of it down to the ground it still didn’t feel extremely safe.

It was not till one or two days later I realized that some of my tools and appliances were wet. As I looked up at the roof I realized it was damp. Condensation; the entire roof was covered with condensation which didn’t vanish till late afternoon by which time as soon as the sun had gone down it was already beginning to come back.

Online Storage Shed Strategies

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

If you are looking to liberate some space in the house and the garage is already so crammed with odds and ends, gardening appliances and other stuff that’s in the way but you don’t want to actually throw it out then a storage shed may be the perfect solution.

With online storage shed plans widely available from the web it is advantageous looking into building your own and it’s not as hard as you might imagine; it’s a good way of saving money and a satisfying project to do.

Here are some tips to help with the project:

First perform a search online for down-loadable storage shed plans, don’t trouble yourself with the single sets of plans, you can get a hold of whole sets of shed plans that also include other projects like garden furniture and so on. These plans cost a fraction of the single sets with plans working out at just a few cents each.

Next decide where you are going to put your new shed, keep in mind the position of doors and windows, also ensure that it’ll look great in relation to your place.

Learn How To Build A Shed

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

While building a shed may seem like a fairly straightforward process, you will need to do a little research and planning before you get started. The first thing you need to do is read and understand any building regulations that will apply to your project, because there are certain restrictions on where sheds can be built, and the types of materials that can be used.

After finding out about any regulations, the next thing you will need to do is develop some plans or obtain blueprints for the type of shed you are planning on building. You may be required to show your drafts to the local building inspection agency, but even if they do not need to see your plans, you must put time and effort into drawing up a good design. This will ensure you have a good vision of what you want your finished shed to look like.

The Ultimate Garden Shed For Weary Husbands

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

When men have families and responsibilities, they fulfil it to their best for the betterment and the welfare of their families. However, there are times when they want to relax and forget about the worries and concerns of everyday life. They want to have a place where they can unwind and relax as it is important for a healthy family life.

There are many houses where garden sheds act as working spaces for husbands. The work may involve garden work or any other. Garden sheds are like sanctuaries for many of them. The garden shed may be a place for him to relax and to achieve a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

Whether your husband likes gardening as a hobby or indulges in any other activity, a garden shed is a great place to work in. One of the greatest benefits of a garden shed is that it provides a view of the garden that makes working in the shed very refreshing and relaxing. The kinds of the garden sheds depend on several factors.

The Ultimate Luxurious Garden Shed

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Your local carpenter may be an expert of building a garden shed with bamboo sticks, or wooden logs but it would not be as luxurious and as strongly built as a modern garden shed constructed according to the modern methods. The contemporary garden sheds promises ultimate luxury and comfort in your garden.

Nowadays, garden sheds are available in multiple forms, sizes and colours with a wide range of material options including wood logs, glass and metals. The classic wooden cabin style garden shed along with a glass wall, overlooking the garden landscape is a perfect place for having a quiet and peaceful time alone or with your loved ones in the evenings. The glass walls can be lined with potted indoor plants, painted pots and sculpture to enhance the overall look of the outer landscape. The interior can be designed skilfully by providing covered storage space in the form of cabinets and shelves; and by adding furniture and decorative items to the available space.

Novel Uses For Wooden Sheds

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

If you thought that the lonely wooden shed sitting in your garden was just for the purpose of storing garden tools and barely used equipment, then think again! There are plenty more ways to maximise the use of your shed so that you can add a whole new dimension to this ordinary garden outbuilding.

Garden sheds are often left behind by home owners when moving house, so if you have found yourself with a wooden shed that you didn’t buy yourself you may have been stuck with what to do with it, and simply filled it with junk. If this is the case then it’s time to get organised! Through out any junk, put your un-used garden tools on Ebay and de-clutter the things you do need by storing them in containers or placing on shelves to ensure you use space effectively.

With everything now organised it’s time to think outside the box. You can turn a regular wooden shed into various exciting new spaces, depending on the size, but here are a couple of ideas that would work well and ensure that your shed is the talk of the town:

Do It Yourself! How To Build A Shed!

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Most homeowners will find themselves in need of directions on how to build a shed at some point in their life. Any exterior housing that is used as storage can be considered a shed. Sheds come in a variety of styles.

Sheds come in a variety of sizes from the extra large to the extra tiny. Decide what you will be putting in your shed in order to determine the size that you will need. Some people only need a shed big enough to hold their lawn equipment others make them into a second garage.

Make sure that your shed is protected from wind and rain. This is especially important if you will be storing valuables or items that might mildew inside of the storage unit. Making sure the roof is well placed and the walls are flush can prevent most leaks.

Most sheds are built starting from the ground up. If you decide to build from the ground up, the first step in building a shed is to install deck piers for the foundation. These are going to be used to support the shed.

Why Garden Shed Kits May Not Be the Answer01

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Garden shed kits are a great way to tidy away all the clutter the average household gathers. The garden shed kit will come ready drilled for easy assembly and only basic tools will be needed. 

You will need to ensure a sound, well drained base for your shed kit. Ideally you will dig out a space for a pad of hardcore, or even concrete. Be sure to provide adequate ventilation as well, or you might find that the floor starts to rot.

Storage shed kits are available from many national and local suppliers. Make sure the shed you go for is treated with wood preservative.   Although your shed kit should come with all parts included, cheaper ones may need some additional bracing to ensure rigidity, especially if you are planning to fix shelves to the walls. The shelves themselves will probably be another additional expense.  

Make sure you have someone to help you with the assembly, especially for larger sheds. The panels will be heavy and you will need at least two fixed firmly together before the structure is free standing. Do not attempt to put up the shed if the weather is windy. This could be very dangerous!  

Is Your Garage Full of Gardening Equipment? Then Outdoor Garden Shed Plans May Be Your Solution

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Are you or your wife/husband a gardener? Well, my wife is an avid gardener and she has made our garage into a garden shed, not leaving too much room for anything else. Maybe this is the same as your situation. A garage that is full of implements such as hoes, rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows, not to mention all the fertilizers and soil mixtures. If this sounds like you, then like I did, you should look for some outdoor garden shed plans.

As always, when I start out on a building project, I start out with some good plans. Like anything else in life if you do not have a plan it is pretty hard to know how to get there. Plans will help all the way, from suggesting the materials you need to the sequence of events you need to follow to complete the project and in this case a garden shed.

I also recommend that when you are looking for plans that you get ones specifically for building a gardening shed. The requirements for a gardening shed will be different from other sheds. As an example a section of the gardening shed should be devoted to potting and therefore a potting bench is a requirement for inclusion in the plans.

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