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How to Make the Most of Your Backyard this Summer

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The backyard is one of the most important parts of the Aussie home. As we increasingly seek out an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, backyards have truly become extensions of our homes. Wooden decks or outdoor tiles create great spaces for relaxing and entertaining that complement lawns and flower gardens for the complete living environment. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy your garden. Here a few ideas to help you make the most of — and get the most from — your backyard.


Do you see gardening as a chore? It shouldn’t be. See it for what it is: an opportunity to spend time outdoors, working with nature. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to create the greatest garden of all time. Just enjoy the therapeutic quality of spending time with your own thoughts and in contact with the earth. Enjoy gardening for the process itself and see the results that you reap as a bonus. You will be surprised what you can achieve.

The Many Benefits Of Wooden Sheds

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

You know those tools you seldom use but you can’t bare to get rid of? Wooden sheds are a great place for storing them, but they can be used for SO MUCH MORE than just storage. They can also be made (or adapted) for several different purposes.

Using a shed for the garden is perhaps the most popular reason to have a shed. Its quite a convenient place for storing your garden tools and supplies so the natural location for a shed is right next to the garden. Plus, potting your plants is a snap with a proper workbench in your shed. Many of the garden sheds built today connect us to a simpler past just with their charm and character.

You can use sheds for other reasons also. For instance, a shed next to a pool actually serves the purpose of a pool cabana. Pool chemicals that really should be stored away from the house are better placed in the cabana. You can also use the cabana for housing a refrigerator for cold snacks, towels, pool toys, and other supplies. Storing towels and dry clothes also helps keep the kids from running into the house all wet.

Backyard Bird Bath Building

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Bird baths are usually rounded shallow basins about two-inches deep within the center. The basin is propped up one meter from the ground to produce protection against cats. The peak of the elevation can depend on how high potential predators in your space will jump. These baths are commonly made of molded concrete. Decorative motifs of cupid, flowers and leaves may be incorporated into the basin and pedestal. You’ll be able to improvise bird baths from many household things, like; pie tins, deep food plates, even shallow cans. You may prop these up on high stands. Birds can also usually perch on wall fountains if these structures are near some tree branch to that they’ll simply retreat in the event of a threat. Bird baths have been hooked up to deck railings or trees to scale back the use of space.

Don’t Forget Style When You Are Shopping For Garden Sheds

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Custom built garden sheds are enjoying a bit of a renaissance. I’m not sure what the trigger was but we are being contacted regularly by customers that are looking something a little extra when it comes to their garden shed. The old ubiquitous stand by sheds that are sold by the dozens in hardware stores don’t seem to be cutting it this year.

Homeowners who are shopping for garden sheds this year are looking for something to make a statement, something to continue their landscaping theme, or a shed which custom fits their backyard hobby. The simple shed-in-a-box with four walls a roof, and a window with nail on shutters is no longer sufficient.

The customizations that clients are looking for are not entirely aesthetic. There is a much greater awareness for the environment, so in fact many customers are requesting green and recycled materials for their garden sheds. Others are concerned about customizing the the roof pitch and gutter design to maximize rainwater collection. Other requests are for tricky shed placement so the new building fits in with the existing hard and soft landscaping.

Designing Your Outdoor Lighting

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

It’s always around this time of the year that I appreciate the design elements of our outdoor lighting scheme. The days are getting shorter and I find that I am turning on our outdoor lights slightly earlier each day. The result of decent outdoor lighting is that we can still use our outdoor space into late August and September.

During the longer days of mid summer, it seemed that I could cook and entertain relatively late without worrying about turning on the lights. Safety is a big issue for me, and I like having stairs and pathways of my back yard lit well enough so my friends and family don’t end up in a bush. But now that the days are shorter, I just enjoy turning on the lights so that my evening guests can enjoy the ambiance as much as I do.

We started to create our outdoor lighting scheme about 5 years ago. My spouse and I were charmed by the simplicity and beautiful effect of the outdoor lights of a French restaurant we visited in Mexico. Since that time we have experimented with many different types of outdoor lighting designs. Our scheme is a work in progress and it gets refined each year. Some years we use a lot of string lights while in other years we use spot lights and twinkly lights. We generally tend to stick to white lights although we sometimes use the odd colored spotlight.

The Value Of Organizing A Garden Shed

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

The worst thing about gardening in my opinion is not my weedy garden, or a bed that needs replanting, but rather the fear I have about entering my cluttered dingy garden shed. What makes it worse is the last minute fall pile-in of tools, pots, extra bags of dirt, muddy hoses, etc. If a well ordered garden shed is conducive to efficient weeding, then I have to admit to less than perfect gardening efficiency.

If you can’t find your tools, and have to dig through half empty bags of potting soil and broken garden ornaments, this may lead to your gardens’ worst enemy – gardening procrastination. If you think about your shed like a big closet, and the only way a closet can be useful is if it’s organized, then maybe you’ll finally decide to get a handle on your shed clutter.

The first step in organizing your shed is to pull everything out. And I mean everything! Garden sheds can often act as depositories for old rusty and broken junk and old paint cans filled with rock hard paint. Once everything has been removed from the shed examine the contents with a critical eye. You will want to discard or give away everything that does not have a specific use. If items have not been used in a year give them away.

Garden Sheds Are Not Just Functional, But Stylish As Well

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Custom built garden sheds are enjoying a bit of a renaissance. I’m not sure what the trigger was but we are being contacted regularly by customers that are looking something a little extra when it comes to their garden shed. The old ubiquitous stand by sheds that are sold by the dozens in hardware stores don’t seem to be cutting it this year.

Customization is in, and everyone wants their outdoor accessories, and this includes a storage shed in the backyard, to fit with their overall outdoor decorating scheme. Typically in the past there was a pretty big market for siting and constructing (if you could call it that) pre-built garden sheds that clients would buy at their building store. This year though people are looking for a totally unique design, and are looking for entirely custom built sheds to suit their decor.

Some clients are looking for an artistic design while others are more focused on functionality. Some want to make sure the water drainage off the shed can channeled into a rain water catchment system. Others want the sides covered in a trellis and are concerned that drainage from the roof be directed away from the roots of their climbing plants.

Outdoor Spot Lights Can Benefit Any Outdoor Lighting Scheme

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Have you ever thought about installing an outdoor spot light? It is easier than you thought and these lights serve more purposes than originally thought. Most homes or business establishments that have outdoor lighting schemes can benefit from the installation of outdoor spot lights. Outdoor spotlights have a number of different purposes ranging from providing extra security, high-lighting pathways, providing extra safety, and providing a nice form of ambiance. Properly positioned spot lights are a wonderful addition to any outdoor lighting scheme.

Typically when you think of outside spotlights you probably think of outdoor concerts, or outdoor shows where event planners needed to draw your attention to one specific spot (moving or stationary). Or perhaps you have only really seen spotlights lighting up the sign in front of local businesses. These are ideal uses for the spotlight, but you might not realize that there are many places around your own house that you could install a spotlight to great effect. Think of your backyard lighting scheme, do you have a wonderful statue or birdbath that could be lit up at night? Using outdoor spotlights let you focus attention on objects that would normally be lost in the dark, allowing you to create focal points that add extra dimension to your outdoor lighting scheme.

Making Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Making outdoor patio furniture covers is easier than you think. By making your own covers you get the design and colors that you want. Making your own covers will also save you money. I have seen patio set covers made out of a variety of different fabrics. There is no right fabric. The choice of fabric is up to the individual taste.

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep your patio furniture covered if it will not be in use for extended periods of time. Protecting your patio set from the elements, regardless of the season, is key to keeping your investment protected and in the best shape possible. Particularly vulnerable are outdoor patio sets in tropical or seaside climates, where extremely intense sun and/or salty air will break down your furniture’s protective finish in well under a year. Covering your furniture is a time and money saver compared to completely refinishing your furniture.

Quest For Patio Furniture Covers

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

When I was choosing new patio furniture covers I felt a bit lost. I was really tired of having to wash my patio table each time my family wanted to eat in the backyard, which in the summer is almost every other day. I live in an area that has a lot of squirrels and birds and raccoons and I just wasn’t comfortable with my children eating off the table before I had a chance to wash in it good warm soapy water.

I have some lovely furniture that looks like it is made from exotic hard wood but it really isn’t. I expect it is made with pine and stained to look exotic. I got a great deal on the furniture at Home Depot about six years ago. Another reason I desire some new patio furniture covers is that the rain and the sun can really destroy the finish on my wooden furniture. The furniture has really aged well and I have nothing to complain about. However, without annual or bi-annual maintenance it can show its age.

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