Bring Your Garden to Life with Solar Decor

Gardens can come to life with light and sound using solar garden decor. Advances in miniature solar panels have paved the way for solar fountains, garden decor, outdoor lighting, and a host of other options that compliment a yard both day and night.

The most common form of outdoor solar lighting, the lantern, remains a bestseller to this day. What has changed is the variety of materials and styles available to the consumer. Another welcome change is the availability of a single solar panel for a group of lights, allowing for steady performance in shaded areas.

Outdoor string lights have long been a favorite for holidays and parties. Solar-powered string lights allow for constant use without a switch or a plug. Some strings are designed to accommodate pre-made or original Chinese lanterns; others take the form of a rope light.

For landscape lighting of plants, trees and garden decor, directional solar lights can provide a convenient solution. Freedom from an outlet allows placement of a landscape light anywhere the sun can reach, with potential for lighting on all corners of a property.

For the sound of moving water in a garden, a solar fountain is a perfect solution. Gone are the concerns over using excess energy. Locating a fountain by a screen door or open window brings the water sounds inside the house for enjoyment during later hours. There is also a good chance that birds will adopt this water source.

Many are re-discovering garden decorations brought to life by the use of solar power. For example, kissing fairies once hidden after sunset now have their snowy faces illumined by the light of a glowing orb. Likewise, a trio of gnomes hold lit lanterns high to see the trail ahead. The whole yard can indeed be a wonder at night.

To satisfy the backyard over-achievers, there is the solar-powered patio umbrella. Solar panels on top of the umbrella harness the sun’s energy to recharge the batteries by day, and by night LED lights provide light for outdoor activity. The system can be left on for automatic use every night, or lights can be turned off to store energy for special occasions.

Having outdoor lights and soothing sounds without plugs or extension cords still holds a certain air of impossibility. Add to the enjoyment the fact that you are using clean, renewable solar energy, and you have something to feel good about!

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