Beginner Tips For Best Lawn Care

When you are ready to relax in your garden or lawn, you suddenly realize the importance of year round lawn care. A robust, healthy is not only a more comfortable place to relax with your friends, but it adds to the overall value of your home. The following are a few, easy pointers for maintaining a healthy, green lawn.

Don’t take the lazy way out and cut your grass really short so that you don’t have to cut it again so often. As tempting as this practice might be, it is best for your lawn to leave grass at 6-8 cm. Cutting your lawn any shorter than this can damage the grass and root system, which is essential to a healthy lawn. Grass that is too short also loses moisture more quickly which can lead to dry, parched grass. Another thing that will damage your grass is cutting it when it is wet. Wet grass is easily cropped too closely and it may lead to rusted lawnmower blades.

Lawnmower blades are an important factor in keeping your grass and lawn healthy. Make sure your blades are always sharp. Cutting grass with dull blades cuts unevenly and even hinders the proper growth of the grass. Check your lawnmower blades to be sure that the blades are sharp. Another way to help your lawn to grow is by allowing the lawn clippings, left from mowing, to stay on the lawn. This helps provide extra nitrogen to the grass which encourages healthy, green growth.

It is pointless to put a lot of work into your lawn if you fail to water it properly. There is more to watering your lawn than tossing out the sprinkler and forgetting about it. You must pay attention to the amount and distribution of water. To grow a healthy lawn you should aim to cover the entire lawn with approximately 2.5 cm of water. Use a range gauge or other container to collect water when you water your lawn to keep a check on the amount of water that has been distributed.

Continuing to water the lawn may result in over watering, which is just as harmful to the grass as not getting enough water. To ensure water is absorbed by the soil and roots and not evaporated by the sun, water very early in the morning. Early morning watering also seems to help keep your grass healthy and green.

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