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Vegetable Garden Tips You May Never Have Thought Of

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Organic vegetables are all the rage these days, but in gardening without chemicals there is the constant battle to keep the vegetables to yourself and not share with every type of vermin passing by. Scarecrows seem like the obvious solution, but I have found that there are some other simple things you can do to increase your yield without purchasing expensive gizmos and without giving up on organic gardening.

When my string bean plants were first coming up I found that the leaves were being eaten off as fast as they were being formed. I stopped whoever was doing this dastardly deed in a hurry. This vermin attack occurred early in the season when coincidentally my dog, a big furry akita, was shedding great gobs of fur. I “killed two birds with one stone,” so to speak, by brushing my dog with a shedding brush and then placing the clumps of fur all around the bean seedlings. That was the end of chewed off bean leaves. My beans grew wonderfully and I am now overwhelmed in string beans.

Is Your Garage Full of Gardening Equipment? Then Outdoor Garden Shed Plans May Be Your Solution

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Are you or your wife/husband a gardener? Well, my wife is an avid gardener and she has made our garage into a garden shed, not leaving too much room for anything else. Maybe this is the same as your situation. A garage that is full of implements such as hoes, rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows, not to mention all the fertilizers and soil mixtures. If this sounds like you, then like I did, you should look for some outdoor garden shed plans.

As always, when I start out on a building project, I start out with some good plans. Like anything else in life if you do not have a plan it is pretty hard to know how to get there. Plans will help all the way, from suggesting the materials you need to the sequence of events you need to follow to complete the project and in this case a garden shed.

I also recommend that when you are looking for plans that you get ones specifically for building a gardening shed. The requirements for a gardening shed will be different from other sheds. As an example a section of the gardening shed should be devoted to potting and therefore a potting bench is a requirement for inclusion in the plans.