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What’s Your Best Chance to Succeed With Container Gardening? The Answer May Surprise You

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Are you interested in getting started with container gardening? This type of gardening is quite popular with both novice and experienced gardeners. No matter if you live in a cottage, apartment, or house you can turn the smallest of space into an attractive plant display. Vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants can all be successfully grown in containers, inside on a windowsill or outdoors on a patio deck. Here are some tips that’ll help your get your container gardening off to a good start.

Soil mixture:

Good soil is important to the health and growth of most plants. This holds true for plants grown indoors or out. Different plants have their own unique needs as far as soil is concerned. When at all possible its best to closely match the soil type to the plants specific needs. Anyway, as a general guideline you want to use soil that will drain rapidly, yet maintain enough moisture to keep the roots moist and hydrated.

Light requirements.

The Reluctant Gardening Calendar – April & May

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

April – and I was right, a million daffodils HAD lost the plot … there is something especially forlorn about a clump of daffs – wearing white top hats – valiantly attempting to keep their heads above the snowline. Easter weekend was a white-out, but that was really the only respite from rain, rain and, guess wot? – yes, more rain. The total gardening activities for April consisted of buying a new pair of wellies and collecting one green bag full of soggy leaves. A reluctant gardener to start with, there was just no incentive to introduce the new (pink) wellies to the squelchy morass outside the patio door. So lets quickly forget the gardening-disaster of April and pass on to May!