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What to Do in a Northern May Garden

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Thinning Seedlings

Seedling need to be thinned if you do not want weak spindly plants that bear poorly. Beets, carrots, onions, leaf lettuce and all flowering annuals should be thinned to 2 or 3 inches at least between plants. Large annuals and such vegetables as beans, parsnips, turnips and head lettuce should be at least 4 to 8 inches apart. Do the thinning after a rain or after thorough sprinkling. It’s easier then.

Cultivating should start as soon as the seedlings show through the ground. Soil that is cultivated regularly every 10 days never gets hard, weeds are kept under control and the ground is aerated.

Lawn Weeds

Weeds in the lawn present a big problem but during May… you can get the jump on them while they are still small. If you have only a few pull them by hand. Treat dandelion, plantain with a weed killer and a couple of weeks later the weeds will be gone.

For heavier infestations call in a professional, they will apply an application over the entire lawn. If you do any spraying with a weed killer don’t use the sprayer or for anything else unless you wash it thoroughly after each session with the weed killer. The best action is to purchase a sprayer for weed killers on;y and another for pesticides applied to plants.

Some Middle of May Garden Jobs

Monday, May 10th, 2010

As you survey the shrubs in your garden, there are several jobs needing doing.

Complete heather pruning, carrying out heavy trimming with shears.

Mulch rhododendrons and azaleas with peat or leaf-soil when the soil is moist.

Plant out any young shrubs and trees, such as the Arbutus unedo, the Killarney strawberry tree, with bunches of creamy bells and orange fruit that arrive almost simultaneously. Young pot plants are to be had of this attractive dark green, evergreen shrub, that given time, becomes a tree.

Greenhouse activity for the moment is quite quiet, and all you need to think about other than in the very cold district, the more tender of the half-hardies, such as the morning glories and zinnias can be put outdoors.

On the other hand the vegetable garden is heating up

Dwarf French beans can be sown in many gardens.

Thin the turnips drastically.

Support the peas when they have reached 6-9 ins.

Sow runner beans in the south, waiting until the end of the month in the north. (A few may be sown under glass for planting: out in late May or early June.)