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Garage Door Springs - Efficient Garage Door Opener Mechanism

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Garage door springs are the mechanisms that open the garage doors. There are two kinds: extension springs and torsion springs, with the latter being the most dangerous ones.

Sectional and One-piece tilt up doors come also come with garage door extension springs. Such doors usually weigh less. The extension spring is stretched from the top of the garage door to the back of the upper tracks. Although there’s a little danger involved, but extension springs are still safer to handle if you’re used to fixing things around the house yourself.

On the other hand, doors that weigh more (like sectional doors) use torsion springs. On each door, a torsion spring is used on both sides. Garage doors involving the use of a torsion spring always need professional help for installation or repair, because they have been known to cause severe injuries, and certain deaths as well.

Handling a garage door that uses torsion springs is a serious matter. Such a garage door weighs a massive 300-400 pounds, and surely, springs that handle such weight are capable of extreme compression and extension. It is to be noted that such instruments have had a history of imparting serious head injury.

Tips To Make Kids Clean Their Space

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Do you often catch your kids watching television, playing with their portable playstations or listening to their music players? Does it bother you that instead of doing more productive things like cleaning up their rooms and studying for their school examinations, they are having the time of their lives indulging in their wants? Do you want to discipline them by assigning them responsibilities that will make then into more mature adults later on?

It is a given that parents want nothing but the best life has to offer for their offspring. This is why they resort to desperate measures when it comes to the important task of molding them. The succeeding paragraphs are tried and tested ways to make the kids clean up their rooms.

The first thing that you should do is apply the reward method. There are certain variations in this style. You can dangle a bait to make the proposition seem more interesting. If they are complaining that they are tired from school and don’t have the energy to tidy their rooms, then offer them a movie treat one weekend every month if they can maintain all their stuff in order. This includes putting their soiled clothes in the hamper, arranging their textbooks in the shelf, aligning their shoes in the shoe rack and fixing their bed as soon as they wake up in the morning.