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Japanese maples are good for long term

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Winter in the western world is more often covers itself with the white blanket of snow. Indoor plants do not get as much affects as is the case with garden plants and trees. The frosty trees lost all the charm and colors in the chilling weather. Japanese maples are drastically different in a manner that they will keep the garden blazing with the lovely colors throughout the winter and the rest of the year. Any person who loves to raise plants knows the fact that it is only for a small part of the year that most of the plants get full bloom, but these maple trees are just the opposite of the stated description. Throughout the year they maintain their vivid colors and for a small amount of time they become green or become leafless. And this is just not true for handful of maples but it is the distinctive nature of all the varieties.

Having Fun with Hummingbirds in Your Backyard.

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Numerous things can be done to attract hummingbirds to your garden. Some easy adjustments can be made to make your garden hummingbird friendly, so that you are rewarded with the presence of feeding and nesting hummingbirds alongwith their young ones.

Setting up hummingbird feeders is a great way to attract them. The feeders should be filled with artificial sugar water solution made at home. Some red flowers can be hanged on a basket or planted near the feeders. This will make it easier for the birds to find the feeders, as they will be attracted to the red flowers. It should be remembered that these birds only rely on sites to find their food source as they do not have any sense of smell.

When using your own hummingbird nectar for the feeders you must never add artificial red coloring to them. The red colors of the feeders are enough to attract them. Also, use of honey or artificial sweeteners has to be avoided. Artificial sweeteners do not have any food value and honey ferments easily which can cause sores in the mouth of the birds. The hummingbird feeders in your garden have to be cleaned every 3-4 days and the nectar changed to keep on attracting the birds.

A Guide To Lighting Charcoal: Advice and Tips

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

Instant lighting charcoal is specially created and impregnated with various substances to make lighting easier. For purists, this detracts from it’s appeal. These come complete with instant lighting charcoal in a foil tray with a grill, ready to use. Gas barbeques and self lighting charcoal, they are just lazy, particularly gas barbeques. A barbeque has a dry heat, cooking over gas gives a different flavour as it is a wet heat from the water in the smoke.

Gas by itself won’t enhance the flavor of food, while self-lighting charcoal briquettes soaked in lighter fluid can impart a downright nasty taste. Wood is the fuel that adds the most flavor to grilled meats, and sustainably-grown hickory or mesquite is preferred. In accordance with the old conventional method of lighting charcoal by means of spirit, spirit is offered in bottles or canisters.

Three most sturdy Japanese maple trees

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Ornatum Japanese maples

This reliable and old variety of Japanese maples was originated in European countries. It carries with itself a very good and authentic record of good behaviour. The mushroom shape is surely not the best as compared to other varieties of its family but it does create an impact when placed in a suitable site. It can take a height of ten feet when fully grown. The dominating colour in its life is orange which turns into red in the fall. The leaves are of intervened structure consequently it can take many different shapes but it usually remains leafless during the winter.

Moreover the size of the leaves varies between 2 to 5 inches and the lobes can reach to 7 in numbers. Interestingly it carries a fruit which should be collected before the season of autumn. The dissected leaves demand some protection from hot winds, a shading of any kind can solve this problem. In the western countries it doesn?t demand any special care as the climate is not hot in these regions. Some bacterial attacks are known which generally occur in the wet climate and can easily be overcome with a proper arrangement of air flow.

How To Avoid The Sun In Your Yard With Patio Awnings

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Enjoy your patio and outside areas a lot more with the help of patio awnings. If you truly treasure the outdoors, and want to sit out reading a book, or enjoying other pleasures, but didn’t, due to weather conditions especially the sun, then there’s answer to meet your needs. Patio awnings can take all of those problems away for you. Now, you can relax in the great outdoors of your home.

One of the popular products is a carefree retractable awning. It guards you from sun and weather. It serves as a protector of furniture as well. These add beauty to your home turning it into a shaded, outdoor retreat. Use it to cover patios and decks where the blazing sun attacks you. They’re excellent for relaxing and entertaining in the privacy of your backyard without annoyances.

Awnings will provide you with a much cooler environment by lowering the outdoor temperature up to twenty degrees. They are really easy to operate by easily extending it length to any setting to meet your needs. These products are manufactured using the highest in quality materials. They are extremely stable and safety is not a problem.

Solar Christmas Lights – Brightening Your Holidays with No Energy Costs

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Solar Christmas lights are one of the most low cost Christmas decorations, helping the homeowners to save anywhere from around 100 W per each string of their lights. Another benefit of solar Christmas lights is that they turn on and off on their own, with the aid of a special photo cell making your Christmas even more magical.

One of the advantages of solar Christmas lights is that they eliminate the need of a power outlet. You can decorate any tree in your garden, no matter how far away it is from the house. Decorating your Christmas trees this way is much safer, easier and more cost-effective.

Solar Christmas lights come with little solar panels, which easily stick into the ground, as well as, they can be placed on a branch. Solar panels include solar cells (usually 4 cells), a rechargeable battery and a light sensor. Solar cells convert the sunlight into electricity, and on a sunny day the sun will give enough energy to completely recharge the battery.

When looking for solar Christmas lights, it is better to opt for the lights equipped with special polycrystalline solar cells, which allow the lights to emit bright light for hours even after being charged for merely a few hours on a rainy, snowy or an overcast day.

May Landscape Checklist In The West

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Out west the gardens are beginning to come alive. Tuberous Begonias should be watered and fertilized regularly. The right plant food and sufficient water results in plants and blooms to be proud of. Watch out for earwigs which are a problem insecticide dusts the ground and foliage for best control.

Quick Carpet

For a quick carpet of color sow seed of portulaca, sometimes called rose moss. It likes full sun, is not particular as to soil and will bloom in about six weeks.

Geraniums may need repotting and fertilizing. If they have grown too large or out of shape, prune them to improve their appearance. If white flies attack the foliage, spray at once with Malathion or Neem oil.

Be Regular

Regular irrigation and careful attention to pot plants is essential from now on. Let the water soak deeply into the ground. Avoid shallow sprinkling. Water often enough to keep the soil from drying out but do not keep the ground soggy. Apply a mulch to conserve moisture. By retaining soil moisture the summer water bills will be cut appreciably.

Economy-Friendly Light Bulbs And Their Numerous Advantages

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Reducing the cost of energy is an issue that spans across the globe and is putting pressure on the people in power to, ultimately, stop the production of old-style light bulbs.

Interest in Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) has dramatically increased recently, even though they have been available for many years.

This is due to the negative aspects of more conventional light bulbs with regards to environmental issues.

Millions have been invested by the big lamp companies into upping the quality and performance of their energy efficient lights.

The new ranges of CFL’s have longer lifespans, do no flicker and work just as well through a large variety of room temperatures.

They are also of course, far more eco-friendly than the older traditional light bulbs.

This type of lamp is now able to be used in nearly any domestic or commercial lighting setting. Alongside all the savings to be made on energy and maintenance, it’s clear to see that energy saving lamps are the future of lighting.

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Japanese Maples growing tips

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Japanese Maples growing tips

The habitats for growing Japanese maples require some considerations, and if these conditions are met then you can have the same jubilant experience as the native Japanese narrate. Extreme climate, be it too worm or too cold, is less tolerable by these trees as they posses very delicate leaves. A not too cold and not too hot climate is the most favorable factor that is need for their full thriving. But if such climate is not available then a sheltered and protected lawn in home and office can make a big difference in its growth. If you are growing it indoor then favorable conditions can be artificially duplicated with the help of simple tools like shade. This will add up a little cost but sometimes it is worth going for a little less concerned about the budget as the experience of colorful manifestation will defiantly pays off in the end.

Garden Activities In The South

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

April across the in South find the redbuds and dogwoods flinging their beauty with utter abandon and the bulbs lift their blooms to catch the gentle breezes and everything whispers the message of spring again. The beautiful display of early color reminds the alert gardener of the many garden activities that must be done to insure continued pleasure throughout the remainder of the year.

Lawns: Most of the grass areas of our gardens began growing during the latter part of last month and, of course, are showing a good response to the return of the favorable growing conditions. All of these grass areas want “to be a lawn” and need help from the gardener. There is a lot of time and effort between grass and lawn. Review the work suggested for the lawn last month.